Dove noi non siamo


Giulia is the unaware victim of a mad man, submitted to repeated abuses and violences. the silent violence, through the bleak image of a common neighborhood house, leads our eyes towards a deep reflection about the theme of abuse. no real refuge is safe enough for those who commit the sin of loving a coward man; the only comfort for Giulia are books, unexplored lands which you make appeal to in the darkest moments of her day.





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Pierfrancesco Bigazzi



Italy, 2016


Pierfrancesco Bigazzi, Melissa Anna Bartolini

Materiali Sonori Cinema, 

con il sostegno di Toscana Film Commision e Regione Toscana.

Pierfrancesco Bigazzi

Matteo Laguni

Elena Medori

Aurora Damanti

Azzurra Fragale, Mino Cavallo

Claudia Tozzi

Arlo Bigazzi

Marco Mugnai


Pierfrancesco Bigazzi

Socio dell’etichetta discografica indipendente Materiali Sonori. È uno dei creatori e uno dei due registi del progetto di “Hydra the series” (2011/12), un web series dal genere post-apocalittico. Ha realizzato, come regista, videoclip per Riccardo Tesi, Arlo Bigazzi, Ginevra Di Marco, The Gang, The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes, Q*ing, Flame Parade. Nel 2015 a realizzato il suo primo corto “Dove noi non siamo” con Melissa Anna Bartolini, prodotto da Materiali Sonori e Black Oaks Pictures e il sostegno della Toscana Film Commission. Nel 2018 in co-produzione con Black Oaks Pictures, ha realizzato “Moon On Fire”, un cortometraggio fantasy/western. Nello stesso anno è stato direttore artistico delle residenze artistiche cinematografiche IMMERGE – San Frediano con il sostegno del Mibac e di Siae.

Born in Figline Valdarno in 1988; author of court metrages and video experiments, since his childhood he plays as an actor both in cinema and in theatre. Interpreter of small roles, he worked in Copia Conforme (Coheremt Copy) by Abbas Kiarostami, Carabinieri 7 (tv series transmitted by Canale 5). He is one of the creators and one of the two directors (besides actor in some episodes) of the project Hydra the series, a web-series belonging to the post-apocaliptic genre. With this series he won, in 2012, the price for the best web-series at Cinema Click Festival in Rome and, with Rossano Dalla Barba, the price for best direction in the section "Science fiction/fantasy/horror" at the famous LabWestFest in LosAngels. Besides, he is the director of several videoclips for artists such as Riccardo Tesi, Arlo Bigazzi, Gang, Flame Parade, Celluloid Jam, Q*ing. His first courtmetrage is going to appear: "Where we aren't" with Melissa Anna Bartolini, produced by Materiali Sonori and Black Oaks Pictures with the support of Toscana Film Commission.

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